Text inför utställningen på Galerie Pleiku, Berlin nu på hösten

I was born in Grankulla, a small town in Finland with a swedish-speaking majority. I live and work in Wessö, Borgå, in the achipelago. The sea and the islands have always been important to me, both as a source of energy and as inspiration. My dearest place in the world is an small island in Kotka. Art in all its forms has always been appreciated in my family, I started studying architecture. I made paintings at the same time, and gradually slid into sculpting as a smaller and more concrete media. Now one could say all went as it was meant to, the need to express, and the capability ( or burden sometimes) to feel and observe strongly has always been within me.
Much of my work deals with feelings and relations between people, I'm inspired by humans and humanity both on a micro- and macro-level. When I was younger I tried out different materials, anything from plastic and paper to stone and bronze. Now I use mostly wood, but also bronze, ceramics, and metal-plate, or combinations of these. The choice of material often depends on the size and scale of the piece, it's mostly intuitional. I draw a lot, many things emerge and develop on paper. Still one cannot call them sketches or plans, they are more of works in their own right. My work usually develops a lot during the process, it's a kind of search of impression and proportions. "The joy of the search" could well describe my work. The piece is ready when work fades away and some other piece comes into focus. I always work on several sculptures at a time. A great joy is when someone say he's got a powerful experience of my art, that it's made a difference in someone's life.
Here to Berlin I have brought some of my newer work, I hope you will enjoy