Text inför utställningen på Galerie Pleiku, Berlin nu på hösten

I was born in Grankulla, a small town in Finland with a swedish-speaking majority. I live and work in Wessö, Borgå, in the achipelago. The sea and the islands have always been important to me, both as a source of energy and as inspiration. My dearest place in the world is an small island in Kotka. Art in all its forms has always been appreciated in my family, I started studying architecture. I made paintings at the same time, and gradually slid into sculpting as a smaller and more concrete media. Now one could say all went as it was meant to, the need to express, and the capability ( or burden sometimes) to feel and observe strongly has always been within me.
Much of my work deals with feelings and relations between people, I'm inspired by humans and humanity both on a micro- and macro-level. When I was younger I tried out different materials, anything from plastic and paper to stone and bronze. Now I use mostly wood, but also bronze, ceramics, and metal-plate, or combinations of these. The choice of material often depends on the size and scale of the piece, it's mostly intuitional. I draw a lot, many things emerge and develop on paper. Still one cannot call them sketches or plans, they are more of works in their own right. My work usually develops a lot during the process, it's a kind of search of impression and proportions. "The joy of the search" could well describe my work. The piece is ready when work fades away and some other piece comes into focus. I always work on several sculptures at a time. A great joy is when someone say he's got a powerful experience of my art, that it's made a difference in someone's life.
Here to Berlin I have brought some of my newer work, I hope you will enjoy


CV in english

                          Jacob Joakim Sederholm

                  born in Grankulla, Finland 28.6.1969, home town Borgå, Finland






1996-2000 Academy of Fine Arts of Finland, Dep. of sculpture, Helsinki.




1995 Paris, Senegal and Mali, exploring the use of clay in architecture and sculpturing in                   Western Africa (Dogon), learning traditional ceramic burning technics (earth-kilns) in               Senegal.

1995 Norway, (assisting sculptor to put up exibition in Rogaland Museum, Stavanger).

1997 Turkey, exploring antique sculpturing and architercture.

1998 Portugal, (assisting artist creating exibition in Centre de Arte, Technologie e Culture                 Humana).

1999 Egypt, exploring Egyptian sculpturing and architecture.




1996 “Sculptures”, Grankulla City Hall, Finland.

2002 “Sculptures”, Galleria Becker, Jyväskylä, Finland

2002 “Sculptures”, Gallery Forum Box, Helsinki, Finland

2004 "One the edge", Cafe Edge, Helsinki

2005 "Sculptures", Galleri Becker, Jyväskylä, Finland

2005 “Sculptures", Galleria Huuto, Uudenmaankatu, Helsinki, Finland

2005 Galleria Jarska, Tappers Juhola, Saarijärvi, Finland

2007 “Sculptures of ceramics and steelplate”, Skanska headoffice, Helsinki

2008 Galleria Forumbox, Helsinki

2009 Galleri Sinne, Helsinki

2010 Galleria Huuto, Helsinki

2011 Galleria Orton, Helsinki






1996 “Travel to Mopti”, Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland

1999 “Liitoksia ja sortumia” (Connections and disconnections), Saarijärvi Art Museum,                     Finland

2000 “The beginning”, Graduation exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts of Finland, Gallery                      Forum Box, Helsinki, Finland

2000 “Three Sculptors”, Brinkkala, Turku, Finland

2001 “January Exhibition”, 5 sculptors. Gallery Forum Box, Helsinki, Finland

2001 “Six from Finland”, Rundetaarnet, (Municipal Hall for Art exhibitions, City of                            Copenhagen), Copenhagen, Denmark

2001 “Art Underneath”, Tytyri old mines in Lohja, Finland

2001 “Mänttä Artweeks”, Mänttä, Finland

2003 “Mänttä Artweeks”, Mänttä, Finland

2003 “Suvi-Pinx”, Sysmä, Finland

2003 “Art Goes Kapakka, Helsinki, Finland

2005 Maila Talvio-salonki, Hartola, Finland

2006 Suvi-Pinx, Sysmä, Finland

2006 “Exes”, former students of the academy of fine art, Academys gallery, Helsinki

2006 Six artists in the Cablefactory

2007 “ I´d like to be a dog”, art for children, Rauma artmuseum, Rauma

2007 SuviPinx, Sysmä

2008 “värähtelyä” Vääksy

2008 Huutokauppa, Helsinki

2008 “Wood in the hands of the scupltor”, Emma museum of modern art, Esbo

2009 Villa Roosa, Orimattila

2011 Konstrundan

2012 Konstrundan

2012 Villa Roosa, Orimattila contemporary art

2013 Maila Talvio salong, Hartola

2014 Villa Roosa, Orimattila contemporary art

2014 “Tail up!”, Oulu artmuseum

2015 Konstrundan

2015 Villa Roosa

2016 “In the footsteps of Kain Tapper”, Saarijärvi artmuseum

2016 Maila Talvio salong, Hartola

2016 Ceramics-centre Kuu, Orimattila

2016 Gallery Duetto, Helsinki




1998 Swedish Cultural Foundation, Helsingfors, Finland.

2000 Swedish Cultural Foundation, Helsingfors, Finland.

2000 Raimo Utriainen Foundation Award.

2001 Finnish Cultural Foundation, Helsinki, Finland.

2003 Helene & Walter Grönquist Foundation, Helsingfors, Finland.

2004 Finnish Cultural Foundation, Helsinki, Finland.

2005 William Thuring stipend

2007 Swedish Cultural Foundation

2007 Stina Krooks stiftelse

2008 Grönquist stiftelse

2015 Finnish Cultural Foundation




City of Grankulla.

Mannila Foundation, Saarijärvi Art Museum.

Saastamoinen Art Collection.

Helsinki City Art Museum.

Saarijärvi Museum


Emma, Esbo museum of modern art

Kiasma, Helsinki

+ Several private collections and homes




2003 “Ystäväpiiri”, Daycare Center Leipuri, Helsinki, Finland

2004 "Repointeri" Sanomatalo, Helsinki

2013 “ Force of example, not example of force”, Kannelmäki, Helsinki

2013 “Sitting lady”, Hartola


Joakim Sederholm

Syntynyt 1969 Kauniaisissa

kotikunta Porvoo


1988 Teknillinen korkeakoulu, Otaniemi, koneosasto
1990-1991 Lahden teknillinen oppilaitos, rakennusarkkitehtiosasto
1991-1995 Teknillinen korkeakoulu, Otaniemi, arkkitehtiosasto
1996-2000 Kuvataideakatemia, kuvanveiston osasto



2011 galleria Orton, Helsinki                                                                                                 2010 Galleria Huuto                                                                                                           2009 Galleri Sinne, Helsinki

2008 Veistoksia, Forum Box, Helsinki
2007 Veistoksia pellistä ja keramiikasta, Skanskan pääkonttori, Helsinki
2005 Veistoksia, Galleria Huuto, Helsinki
2005 Veistoksia, Galleria Jarska, Tapperien Juhola, Saarijärvi
2005Veistoksia, Galleria Becker, Jyväskylä
2004 "On the Edge", Cafe Edge, Helsinki
2002 Veistoksia, Forum Box, Helsinki
1997 Veistoksia, Galleria Becker, Jyväskylä
1996Veistoksia, Kauniaisten kaupungintalon aula



2008Puu veistäjän käsissä - suomalaista kuvanveistoa 1950-luvulta 2000-luvulle, EMMA - Espoon modernin taiteen museo
2008Värähtelyä, Danielson-Kalmari Museo, Vääksy
2007Taiteilijoita Orimattilassa, Orimattilan taidemuseo
2007Suvi-Pinx, Sysmä
2007Minä tahtoisin olla koira, Rauman taidemuseo
2006Suvi-Pinx, Sysmä
2006Exät-näyttely, Kuvataideakatemian entisiä oppilaita, Akatemian galleria, Helsinki
2006Kuuden taiteilijan näyttely Kaapelitehtaan Valssaamossa (Boyden Oy:n 60-vuotisnäyttely, Helsinki
2005Maila Talvio -salonki, Hartola
2002Art Goes Kapakka, Helsinki
2003Suvi-Pinx, Sysmä
2003Kuvanveistoa, Mäntän kuvataideviikot
2001Mieli-kuva, Mäntän kuvataideviikot
2001Taidetta maan uumenissa, Tytyrin kaivosmuseo, Lohja
2001Seks fra Finland, Rundetårn, Kööpenhamina, Tanska
2001Tamminäyttely, Forum Box - Tila taiteelle, Helsinki
2000Kolme kuvanveistäjää, Brinkkalan ullakko, Turku
2000Alku. Kuvataideakatemian loppunäyttely, Forum Box - Tila taiteelle, Helsinki
1999Liitoksia ja sortumia, Saarijärven taidemuseo
1996Matkalla Moptiin, Kuvataideakatemian galleria



Kauniaisten kaupunki
Mannilan säätiö, Saarijärvi
Saastamoisen säätiö
Helsingin kaupungin taidemuseo
Saarijärven museo



2003"Ystäväpiiri", Päiväkoti Leipuri, Helsinki
2004"Repointeri", Sanomatalo, Helsinki



2005Suomen Taideyhdistys, William Thuring -apuraha
2004Suomen Kulttuurirahasto
2003Helene & Walter Grönquist -stiftelsen
2001Suomen Kulttuurirahasto
2000Raimo Utriaisen säätiö
2000Svenska Kulturfonden
1998Svenska Kulturfonden


1995Pariisi, Senegal, Mali: Tutkimusmatka saven käyttöön arkkitehtuurissa, kuvanveistossa ja keramiikassa